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What is a Residency? 

An Arts Integration Residency teaches IN and THROUGH the Arts. Katie uses the National Core Arts Standards and the Create - Perform - Respond - Connect model of teaching arts. 

Every residency is different, but they all include: 

  • planning and evaluation

  • embedded professional development

  • several classroom sessions

  • goals in the arts and other subject areas

Planning and Evaluation

Katie will meet with your team to discuss educational, interpersonal, and artistic goals. We will align everything with state standards and work together to meet the goals of the residency. Using an on-going assessment strategy, we modify our plans as needed to ensure student success. 


Embedded Professional Development

A residency with Katie is not a time for a teacher to sit in the corner and grade papers. Teachers will engage with their students in new ways, stretch themselves, and co-teach lessons. 

Length of Residencies

Residencies can range in length from three to 40+ sessions of 45-120 minutes each. The average residency is 10 sessions of one hour each. The number of required classroom hours will depend upon educational goals, available classroom time, and your budget. 

How will we create your custom school residency?

We will look at: 

  • Current Curriculum 

  • State & National Standards 

  • Interdisciplinary Needs 

  • Character Education 

  • School-wide Plans/Goals

  • Test Scores

  • Needs of the Teacher, Students, and School Staff

Each Residency Includes

  • Up to 2 hours of planning time with teacher(s)/staff before residency 

  • Storytelling performances and an optional student performance

  • Easy kinesthetic techniques for the students

  • Exercises to encourage creativity, connection, and focus.

To see residencies in action, check out these videos or these photographs.

Storytelling class Folwell 2nd grade aud
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