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Business & Non-Profit Workshops

Katie Knutson has over 20 years experience as a storyteller. She helps businesses and non-profits tell their stories, craft their messages, plan strategically and engage with their customers. Here are some ways she can help you:   

Active listening does not come naturally to most people - it needs to be taught. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn and practice active listening skills that can be used in daily  interactions to promote clear, meaningful communication. 

Building Listening Skills

Business Woman
"Katie can listen a story out of anyone!"

Mary Hamilton 

Professional Storyteller & Teaching Artist

Patentability Search

Find, Craft & Tell Your Story

Is your business or non-profit struggling to clarify your message or engage with potential customers? Connect to the heart of your organization in this hands-on workshop. Katie will help your team uncover their individual stories, your collective story, and your company's story. With a little polish and practice, you will be ready to share that story with the world. 

"It is only through story that you build connection. You have to tell the story so that people feel something. They only want to do something after they feel something." 

Storytelling for Social Media

You know your story, now figure out how to share that story with the world! In this interactive workshop, participants will practice finding the heart of their message, the purpose of their communication and the through-line of their social media campaign to strengthen both brand and business. 

Digital social media
Successful Work Team

Team Building

Theater and improvisation games are a fun way to build community, encourage creativity and teamwork, and try something new. These fun play-based workshops will help your team members showcase new skills, listen intently, and relieve stress so they can work together in challenging times. This workshop can be customized for any group size. 

Design your Own Workshop, Presentation or Consulting Plan  

You know that storytelling can make a difference for your group, but you need an expert to facilitate a discussion, compile ideas, or present on the power of storytelling. Contact Katie to create a custom program for your business or non-profit. 

Business Pricing

$900/hr for corporations
$600/hr for non-profit organizations
Additional Travel Fees 
If your location is less than 50 miles from Bloomington, MN, add mileage at the national rate.
If your location is more than 50 miles from Bloomington, MN, add mileage, lodging and per diem.
If your location is more than 150 miles, add airfare, local transportation, lodging, and per diem.
Discounts are given for multiple days and for booking other gigs near your location. 
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