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Storytelling Magazine

Edited by Janet Thompson. National Storytelling Network

Since 2011, Katie Knutson has written and curated the New Voices column in Storytelling Magazine. These articles focus on helping newcomers get started in the field, work to bridge the gap between newer and more seasoned tellers, and share examples of innovation in the field. Some of these articles have been featured on the National Storytelling Network's blog.

Storytelling Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Children with Special Needs

Edited by Sherry Norfolk & Lyn Ford. Libraries Unlimited, 2017. 

"Incorporating the Five Senses in the Autism Classroom: How to Spice Up 'The Gingerbread Man'" by Katie Knutson

Science with Storytelling Book

Science with Storytelling: Strategies for the K-5 Classroom

Edited by Jane Stenson, Sherry Norfolk & Lyn Ford.

McFarland & Company, 2016. 

"Creating a Pourquoi (How and Why) Story" by Katie Knutson. Check out these adorable videos from doing that lesson plan with kindergarteners. 

Coming Soon:

The Future of Storytelling (Working Title) 

Edited by Kevin Cordi.

Expected Publication by Parkhurst Brothers in 2019. 

"Competitive Storytelling: The Ups and Downs of Artists Competing" by Katie Knutson

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