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Storyteller Katie Knutson headshot by Mike Levad of Twin Birch Studio.

Photo by Mike Levad, Twin Birch Studios

Making learning fun since 2001. 

Katie Knutson is a Professional Storyteller based in Minneapolis, Minnesota who travels the world to tell stories and lead workshops. Today, she can provide the same quality content virtually or in person. Katie provides:

  • Performances for Young People, including school assemblies, preschools, and library programs that focus on early literacy skills and character education,

  • Performances for Adults and Teens that include never-intended-for-children folktales, social justice stories and personal tales,

  • Professional Development Workshops for Teachers, Librarians, Artists and Businesspeople who want to effectively use Storytelling in their Work,  

  • Storytelling Coaching for those looking to work on specific stories, either as a group or one-on-one, and

  • Storytelling and Drama Residencies for schools who want to make learning fun, develop literacy and critical thinking skills, address state/national standards, create excitement about writing or public speaking, and train teachers to integrate the arts into their classrooms. 

If you would like to support Katie & her work during these 

challenging times, please consider giving a "tip" on paypal 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination encircles the world." 
         ~Albert Einstein
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Arts Learning Grant Recipient 

in partnership with Bloomington Public Schools,
Neill Elementary, & Folwell Performing Arts Magnet  

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