Welcome to the secret page just for the Stages Center Stage Students! 

Our Song - Naughty from Matilda the Musical

You can listen to and read our song below. 

Naughty - Matilda
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Click here to download our version of the song!

About Costumes

Since our play is set at a sleepover party, the only costume that is needed is pajamas. Please make sure that the pajamas have pants, sleeves, and are not low-cut. You do NOT have to buy anything for our final sharing day. Colorful jammies are a plus!  
If students want to wear slippers, they need to bring them to class on Saturday, December 8 to make sure they will not fall off of feet or restrict movement. Although slippers may look cool, tennis shoes are still best. If your child will be bringing slippers, please also send a pair of tennies. 

About Props

We will need a few props for our production. If you can bring any of the following, please sign up here. 
1 popcorn bowl
1 bucket
4 pillows
2 washcloths
1 small broom
1 "magic" wand
1 makeup powder puff (unused)
If you are able to bring any of these, please click here to sign up so we don't end up with 16 popcorn bowls and no broom. Thanks!